Sunday, February 17, 2013

Donaire vs. Rigondeaux fight tickets on sale.

A unification fight between WBO super bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire (31-1, 20 KO’s) and WBA World super bantamweight champion Guillermo Rigonsdeaux (11-0, 8 KO’s) will happen on April 13th in New York, NY. This is going to be a really good test to see how good Donaire is because he’s mostly fought aggressive smaller guys with that have come right at him. Rigondeaux is another smaller fighter, to be sure, but he’s a pure counter puncher and he’s good at making his opponents pay when they load up.

Donaire’s entire game is build up on loading up on his left hook to nail guys that come right at him. If Rigondeaux can take Donaire’s left hook, like Omar Narvaez did, Donaire is a much more limited fighter. At that point Donaire might have to run around the ring like he did against Rafael Concepcion, when he took Donaire’s left hook away from him. Donaire took a lot of punishment in that fight because Conception was able to block and/or duck Donaire’s wild left hooks.

Rigondeaux will test Donaires ability to take body shots in this fight, and if he fails that test then we’ll see Rigondeaux walk out of the ring with Donaire’s World Boxign Organization title. We are selling official and valid tickets for this coming Donaire vs Rigondeaux pay-per-view this April. We've got what are you are looking for, hurry buy Donaire vs Rigondeaux Tickets now to avail of the special packages and price discounts. Enjoy!