Friday, October 7, 2011

Pacquiao proud of his stamina and speed in training

Pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao was happy to announce that in three weeks they stay in the city of Baguio has a big of improvements in his stamina and speed in training. According to the congressman, many have been improved on his training and also many tactics they had learned to use for fighting against Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez. Pacquiao is scheduled to defend his WBO welterweight title against

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bizarre victory of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather remained unbeaten and did it in emphatic fashion Saturday night, stopping Ortiz on the fourth round to take the piece of the welterweight title Ortiz brought into the ring. In just one round, Floyd Mayweather Jr. got a head butt, a kiss and a hug from Victor Ortiz. The end came just as the two fighters emerged from a break, in which Ortiz had embraced Mayweather in the center of the ring. As they broke, Mayweather shot out a left hand and

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mayweather Jr. no intention to apologize to Merchant

Veteran sportscaster Larry Merchant insisted the he was willing to go to fight former pound-for-pound king and unbeaten Floyd Mayweather, if he's only 50 years younger. Merchant made ​​the statement after the debate with Mayweather after the fight with Victor Ortiz. Following the controversial Mayweather win, the 80-year-old Merchant tried to interview the new welterweight champion, but instead interview, Mayweather to Merchant.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mayweather-Ortiz Round by Round Updates

Round 1: This fight is underway. Mayweather quickly comes in with a jab and then ducks down under Ortiz's punch. Mayweather lands a couple of body shots and shows off his trademark quick hands, and then Ortiz backs him off. Floyd lands a thudding right hand. Good right hand from Mayweather but then Ortiz lands to the body in the corner. Mayweather's quickness is already striking, and Ortiz needs to get in closer if he's going to hit him. Good first round goes to Mayweather, 10-9.

Round 2: Ortiz lands a left hand and backs Mayweather into the corner. Ortiz lands a good right hook, then goes to the body. Now Mayweather lands a good right hand and then Ortiz pushes him into the corner. Ortiz is looking good in this round. Mayweather hits Ortiz a couple times but Ortiz walks right into him and won't back down. Another good round, which I give to Ortiz, 10-9.

Round 3: Ortiz lands a couple of right jabs. Mayweather responds by using his left hand and landing it. Now it's Mayweather backing Ortiz up, and Ortiz doesn't look as comfortable when he's not coming forward. Mayweather lands a big right hand. Mayweather is landing much more effectively, with Ortiz starting to look frustrated. Ortiz lands a left cross late in the round but it was a good round overall for Mayweather, 10-9.

Round 4: Mayweather comes out with a huge combination in the first 30 seconds of the round. Big-time punches landing from Mayweather, and Ortiz is starting to look a little worse for wear. And now it's Ortiz battering Mayweather against the ropes. Mayweather is shaking his head as if he wasn't hurt, but Ortiz definitely landed a couple of hard punches. Ortiz swings hard with his right hand but comes up short. Now Ortiz goes after Floyd against the ropes and there's a clash of heads. The referee takes a point away from Ortiz for a head butt. And now down goes Ortiz! It's over! Floyd Mayweather knocks out Victor Ortiz. A controversial as well.

Mayweather vs Ortiz Undercards Round by Round Update

Welcome to round-by-round coverage of the Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz Undercards fight with unofficial scoring after each round. Make sure to refresh this page regularly to get the latest updates, which are arranged from the most recent to the earliest post.

Light Welterweight bout
Just REFRESH this page or press F5 key for the latest round by round update.
Erik Morales vs Lucas Matthysse

Round 1: This fight is underway. Morales looks a little stiff and slow and Cano is letting his hands go, which isn't quite what I expected. Cano landed a hard left hook in the closing moments of the round and did enough that I give the first round to Cano, 10-9.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mayweather-Ortiz weigh in results

There wili be no stopping the return in boxing ring of the controversial former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather. It was after entered in the weight held its Mayweather vs Ortiz official weigh-in. The challenger Mayweather weighed in 146.5 pounds, while more heavily in him the WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz as seen record 147 pounds. This is the first boxing comeback Floyd Jr., Since the last fight with "Sugar" Shane

Mayweather's camp with important guests for Ortiz

There will be a great surprise said by the Mayweather camp for WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz Jr. According to Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe, they invited the father of Victor Ortiz Ortiz Sr., To watch Sunday's biggest Mayweather vs Ortiz fight in boxing career of his child. Aside from Ortiz's father, Ellerbe also invited the boxing trainer Robert Garcia who was also brother Danny Garcia, Victor Jr. trainer.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz fight update

The world welterweight championship Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Oritz is finally on. The 34-year-old Mayweather, who is coming off a 16-month hiatus on Saturday to challenge World Boxing Council welterweight champ Victor Ortiz, who lastly demolished former champion Andre Berto. The full of mouth Mayweather faces greatest challenge against a younger southpaw opponent. Let us give some overview on both boxers strength and

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mayweather and Ortiz, arrive at the MGM Grand for their fight on Saturday

Both met with a grand reception of the boxing fans were former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather and current WBC welterweight world champion Victor Ortiz on their arrival at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, for their great fight this coming Saturday. Remember that more than six months we do not see inside the ring the former pound-for-pound king Mayweather after his successful fight against former champion "Sugar" Shane Mosley. Mayweather said that he still feels strong and his ring skills remain sharp

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mayweather and Ortiz, faced at Universal CityWalk

Not even starting their Mayweather vs Ortiz fight against each other this coming Saturday, both Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Victor Ortiz are exchanging trash talks to each other. In their appearance with the media and boxing fans at Universal CityWalk in University City, you can hear the scream in the entire neighborhood. Most people at Universal CityWalk will support the win of Ortiz while Mayweather boos by the fans when he up on stage. And the former pound for pound king Mayweather doesn't like it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mayweather will knockout Ortiz early

Many of us believes what Floyd Mayweather Jr. capable of doing in the ring. Floyd Mayweather is look real good. I’m thinking were going to see a knockout, early! Mayweather vs Ortiz will face each other on September 17, on MGM Grand. Mayweather isn’t known for being a puncher, but he’s sitting down on his shots more than he used to in the past, and with his speed, he’s capable of hitting Ortiz when he least suspects it and scoring a knockout. Ortiz’s chin isn’t that good, as he was knocked down twice by Marcos

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Floyd Mayweather will make them pay

It’s a road that hasn’t been traveled much lately. Mayweather hasn’t fought since beating Shane Mosley 16 months ago and has only fought three times since beating Oscar De La Hoya four years ago to become a pay-per-view attraction. He says he’s returning to the ring because he got excited watching Ortiz beat Andre Berto in his last fight. But he wasn’t going to fight Ortiz unless he agreed to take blood tests to

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mayweather Jr argument with father caught on 24/7 camera

Last night after watching the first episode of HBO 24/7 Mayweather-Ortiz the heated conversation between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his father, Floyd Sr., nearly came to blows during the training of Floyd Mayweather Jr. for his upcoming bout against Victor Ortiz on September 17. Father and son exchanged angry words and expletives, and the whole argument was shown in the HBO Mayweather-Ortiz 24/7.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz just three more weeks away

Here we go boxing fans just three more weeks before we witness again the comeback of Floyd Mayweather Jr. against Victor Ortiz. On September 17 at the MGM Grand Arena The Mayweather vs Ortiz dubbed as Star Power we will going to witness if the young Ortiz will give Mayweather his first ever loss in his entire career or Mayweather will just prevail and maintain his unbeaten records. Ortiz who has a record of 29-2-2

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz Face Off

Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz Face off
Floyd Mayweather Jr. (41-0-25 KOs) will try to maintain his unbeaten record on 17 September before the younger Mexican Victor Ortiz (29-2-2-22 KOs) when they meet at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The Mayweather vs Ortiz fight will be in the welterweight (147 pounds) World Boxing Council (WBC) of Victor Ortiz. The Mayweather vs Ortiz psychological preparation will be

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz who are you picking?

The Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz showdown will just be a couple of weeks to go before we witnessed another great boxing fight this year. Mayweather hasn't fought since May 1, 2010 when he beat Shane Mosley. Now when he feels like waking from its slumber, it passes over the entire planet and will contest the title at welterweight (147 pounds) World Boxing Council (WBC) that Victor Ortiz snatched on Berto in April. Floyd

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Mayweather vs Ortiz match will distributed in 170 countries

The Mayweather vs Ortiz expects to reach a large number of sales per PPV, Mayweather is a boxer who sells the most in the U.S., with an excess of seven million purchasing Pay-Per-View, with total revenues approaching the total half a trillion dollars, has been untouchable through 41 professional fights made, becoming the major attraction of boxing this time. However, for the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight on September 17 this is

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Victor Ortiz confident of beating Mayweather

Mayweather vs Ortiz - WBC welterweight champion "Vicious" Victor Ortiz is not mincing words when asked about his upcoming bout against undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. “I’m going to destroy him, little by little, round by round, until the knockout,” Ortiz. The 24-year old champion said that he will be very patient when he faces off against Mayweather on September 17, and plans to break down Mayweather little by little.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mayweather continue to mock Pacquiao's success

Mayweather vs Ortiz - The controversial fighter Floyd Mayweather continue to mock Manny Pacquiao success despite it facing defamation case. During the height of his training against Victor Ortiz. The suit alleges that Mayweather's repeatedly voiced suspicions over Pacquiao's use of performance enhancing drugs has damaged Pacquiao's image. According to Mayweather, he does not care regardless of the money in

Ortiz will be victim No. 42

Undefeated pound for pound Floyd Mayweather, currently preparing for his September 17th bout with WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz, has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is confident that he can defeat Victor Ortiz on September 17, despite having been away from boxing for 16 months. For WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz, winning has come with hard work and knowing what losing really feels like. For

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ortiz promise to end Mayweather career

WBC champion Victor Ortiz promises to do more than just knocking out when Mayweather vs Ortiz meet on September 17. Ortiz promise that he will end the undefeated career of Mayweather. One of the member of Team Ortiz says that Ortiz is planning to go for a knock out against Mayweather. They told him that Ortiz is going for an early knockout; 3

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz, undergone mandatory weigh-in

Mayweather vs Ortiz
One month before the comeback fight of Floyd Mayweather Jr., undergone the mandatory weigh-in were undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. will go against Victor Ortiz. The mandatory weigh-in is in preparation for September 17 fight between Mayweather vs Ortiz. Floyd Jr. weighed 149 pounds while the world welterweight champion Ortiz was 157.4 pounds. Other fighter

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ortiz will Knockout Mayweather in 3 rounds

WBC Welterweight champion Victor Ortiz is confident heading into his September 17 match-up against undefeated fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr. A member of Team Ortiz said that the 24-year-old champion is planning to go for a knock out against Mayweather. The 24-year-old WBC welterweight champ is currently walking around 152 and punishing his sparring

Mayweather vs Ortiz will be biggest PPV event of 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz
Golden Boy Promotions' chief executive officer Richard Schaefer is confident that the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz bout will be the biggest pay-per-view (PPV) event of the year. Schaefer said that Mayweather vs Ortiz will be "the most heavily promoted fight in the history of boxing." Schaefer said that the promotion will include features from HBO's parent

Mayweather's open workout

The undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. held an open workout at the Mayweather Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada, in preparation of his match against Victor Ortiz. The undefeated fighter, after a year of being silent looks perfect and in the right shape. On this regard, Mayweather personally invited British fans in and around Las Vegas to watch his training session. Mayweather said, he want to invite all of his English

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Will Mayweather vs Ortiz generate 1 Million PPV buys?

HBO is about to begin its part in promoting the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Victor Ortiz fight. Mayweather’s next opponent is Victor Ortiz, who is likely the least known Mayweather opponent he has ever fought on PPV. Ortiz was a fringe 140lbs contender early in 2010 and was the underdog in his fight against Andre Berto in April of 2010. Ortiz secured his fight with Mayweather because of his thrilling

HBO 24/7 Mayweather vs Ortiz will air on CNN

The comeback of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s return to the ring after a 16-month of inactivity will face against welterweight champion Victor Ortiz on Sept. 17 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. HBO will cover the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight live. Before the fight HBO will broadcast the 24/7 episode and will include coverage of the buildup on CNN, plus the live fight being show in hundreds of movie theaters

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz in the big screen event

Undefeated Six-Time World Champion Floyd "Money" Mayweather will battle against WBC Welterweight World Champion "Vicious" Victor Ortiz in the big screen event, Star Power: Mayweather vs Ortiz Fight Live on September 17 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern / 6:00 p.m. Pacific. This sensational welterweight showdown will give fans a ringside seat to see boxing's biggest star against the

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz Official Poster for Sept. 17 Fight

The Mayweather vs Ortiz Official Poster has finally been released by Golden Boy Promotions, the main promoter of the upcoming fight between undefeated American Floyd Mayweather Jr and Mexican-American Victor Ortiz. The mega-event which will co-feature Alvarez vs Gomez and Morales vs Matthysse will be televised on HBO pay-per-view. It is co-promoted by Mayweather Promotions, Tecate, DeWalt and AT&T.

Because both Mayweather and Ortiz are considered to be stars, the official poster is titled as Star Power. Floyd Mayweather is one of the biggest draw in boxing today, comparable to Manny Pacquiao, while Ortiz is boxing's newest star after beating Andre Berto and winning the WBC Welterweight Belt, the same belt he will defend against Mayweather on September 17 inside the MGM Grand.

The Mayweather vs Ortiz official poster below is the vertical design, the horizontal design will also be released by Golden Boy Promotions, a company owned by Oscar de la Hoya who believes he has the formula to beat Mayweather.

Victor Ortiz Huge Underdog vs Mayweather?

During the press tour conference Richard Schaefer believes that undefeated Floyd Mayweather will meet his match. In a much anticipated return to the ring Floyd Mayweather will face WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz dubbed as "Star Power" at the MGM Grand Garden Arana in Las Vegas. Victor Ortiz promise that he will knock Mayweather during the same press conference. But young champion like Ortiz is supposed to say that, even though Floyd is eight to one favorite to beat Victor according to

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dela Hoya has the key to beat Mayweather?

Oscar believes he has the key in defeating Floyd Mayweather mentioned recently on his twitter account that he will be sharing the secret with Ortiz. Victor Ortiz has the huge underdog as he face to face with Floyd Mayweather Jr. on September 17 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada and the latest odds have him pegged roughly as an 8-1 underdog. This fight dubbed as Star Power: Mayweather vs Ortiz. When De La Hoya’s challenge Mayweather during the first half of the fight saw Oscar have success with his jab and boxing ability as he looked to take an early lead.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz Pay-Per-View Cards

The September 17th HBO pay-per-view main event is big enough as is, solely for the main event, as the biggest draw in the sport, Floyd 'Money' Mayweather, makes his return to the ring after a 16-month layoff against WBC welterweight champion 'Vicious' Victor Ortiz. Mayweather's name alone will easily produce over 1 million pay-per-view buys, but Golden Boy Promotions is doing everything in its power to make sure 2 million buys is not only attained, but is expected. I have been very

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz undercard press tour

Aside from Mayweather vs Ortiz fight a star-studded Mayweather vs Ortiz undercard completed was announced Mayweather vs Ortiz press tour with Addition Of Erik Morales vs. Lucas Matthysse and Jessie Vargas vs. Josesito Lopez. Two young prospects in Jessie Vargas vs. Josesito Lopez and of course one of the most famous Mexican fighters in the history of the sport, the legendary Erik Morales who will face Lucas Matthysse. Matthysse is as hungry to bring that belt back to his homeland of Argentina just as Erik Morales is to take it back to Mexico.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz undercards announced by Golden Boy

The main event is already set for Mayweather vs Ortiz title match, dubbed as "Star Power" by Golden Boy Promotions the featured fights for September 17 Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz showdown. GBP announced the Mayweather vs Ortiz undercards match this includes the WBC junior middleweight title fight by Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and Alfonso Gomez, the WBC junior welterweight title bout of Mexican ring legend Erik

Friday, July 29, 2011

GBP will promote Mayweather vs Ortiz fight

Mayweather vs Ortiz
Schaefor announced "Star Power," the promotional name bestowed upon the Sept. 17 return to the ring of 34-year-old six-time champion Floyd Mayweather (41-0, 25 KOs) against 24-year-old WBC welterweight king Victor Ortiz (29-2-2, 22 KOs). Schaefer said that the promotion will include features from HBO's parent company Time Warner, as well as assets from Turner Broadcasting and Time Magazine. Time Warner also

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz Update

Mayweather vs Ortiz
The fight between World Boxing Council (WBC) welterweight champion Victor Ortiz (29-2-2, 22 KO’s) and unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr (41-0, 25 KO’s) on September 17, will be a good fight between the two best fighters in the welterweight division. Ortiz has got a lot of problems on his hands with Mayweather. Ortiz is going to have to try and find a way to land his shots without being picked apart with check left hooks and straight right hands.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz match up

Mayweather vs Ortiz
Floyd "Pretty Boy" Mayweather Jr. (41-0 25KO) takes on Victor "Vicious" Ortiz (29-2-2 22KO’s) this could be one of the best match ups in boxing this year. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a smart fighter controlling his opponents every move as if he was a puppet master but Floyd don't need no strings instead he makes his opponents confused and takes their confidence away from them making them very cautious, this works very well against many top fighters as they are so used to

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz Tickets Prices

Mayweather vs OrtizThe Mayweather vs Ortiz fight is set to happen this September 17, 2011 in the MGM Grand Garden Arena and starting on July 8, tickets for this huge boxing fight are already out. Mayweather vs Ortiz featuring an all out “STAR POWER”, both fighters are major crowd pleasers. With two of the biggest stars in boxing, the Mayweather vs Ortiz tickets fight will be a star stellar fight. Ticket prices are capped at

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz face to face

Mayweather vs Ortiz
Unbeaten boxing star Floyd Mayweather said he will end a 16-month layoff on September 17 when he fights countryman Victor Ortiz for the World Boxing Council welterweight title. Mayweather, 41-0 with 25 knockouts, has not climbed into the ring since May of last year when he won a unanimous 12-round decision over Shane Mosley but he announced on his Twitter page that he was ready to return.

"My fans have been waiting long enough.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Presented by HBO PPV the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight

Mayweather vs Ortiz
The mega-fight between Mayweather vs Ortiz, which will be contested for Ortiz's WBC Welterweight World Championship, will take place Saturday, September 17 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas and will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT. One of the most recognized athletes in the world today, the highly decorated Mayweather, who is undefeated as well as a six-time and five-division world champion, announced his return earlier this month and is being commended for

Money Mayweather wants to fight Pacquiao

Mayweather vs Ortiz
In the press conference for his bout against Ortiz, Mayweather was once again assailed with questions regarding a possible fight with the pound-for-pound king. Mayweather was not shy in addressing the questions.

"Do I want the Pacquiao fight? Absolutely, absolutely!" Mayweather declared.

"I want to let the fans know this and anybody who is watching live. Floyd

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz Most Exciting Fight?

Mayweather vs Ortiz
The Mayweather vs Ortiz fight, announced this past week, could turn out to be a mismatch. Mayweather is the most-gifted fighter in the world while Ortiz, only 24, remains a work in progress. We all agree that Mayweather should be fighting Manny Pacquiao, his principal rival. That’s not possible right now, though. And Ortiz is a fascinating alternative. He’s young (24), strong, can punch hard, has solid skills, and is a southpaw. He lacks experience but he

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz is on

I like the fight and either way this a guy who is hot right now, so certainly not a tune-up and a big opportunity for Vicious he was underestimated when picked for Berto and look what he did. Then after this if he wins Mayweather vs Pacquaio better happen I think he had this planned he just gained 15 Million more by letting it marinate and he gets his damn testing and if he loses he cant say a damn thing but however just to be clear not big on Mayweather or Pacquiao but I think Mayweater gets the UD. My opinion call

Mayweather vs Ortiz is a play safe again by Floyd?

Mayweather vs Ortiz
The wait is finally over, after 13 months of inactivity since fighting Sugar Shane Mosley, Floyd Mayweather appeared to announce that he will fight WBC Welterweight Champion Victor Ortiz on September 17, 2011 at an undisclosed location as of the moment.Some boxing writers or commentators suggested that Mayweather picked a young fighter who is not yet well equipped with the necessary experience to fight him. But I would disagree with such claim, i think that the Mayweather vs Ortiz match is a

Mayweather vs Ortiz will be easy fight for Floyd

Mayweather vs Ortiz
Perhaps Floyd Mayweather jr. is smarter that what we initially thought he is. Mayweather not only announced on twitter that he will return to the ring, after a 16-month break, to fight Victor Ortiz, he will also earn guaranteed millions of dollars by just fighting in the gym. No this is not literal, I am referring to the fact that he will fight Victor Ortiz, a young fighter not ready to face Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Of course we know that Victor Ortiz, the recently crowned WBC Welterweight

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz an exciting fight?

Ortiz is a young, exciting and marketable fighter who with the right backing could become a big star in his own right. His defeat of previously unbeaten Andre Berto boosted both his image and his fanbase. More fights in the same vein could make him a fan favorite, and possibly transform him from HBO mainstay into genuine pay per view attraction.

In pairing him with Mayweather however, Golden Boy know full well that the strong likelihood is that Ortiz will end up with

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mayweather Announces Return vs Ortiz on Sept 17 Fight

Mayweather vs Ortiz
Undefeated pound-for-pound champion Floyd Mayweather announced that his long-awaited return to the ring will take place on September 17 when he faces WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz. Mayweather made the announcement official to more than 1.25 million followers of his official Twitter account. 'My fans have been waiting long enough. Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz. Sept-17 2011 for the WBC World Championship,' Mayweather would tweet shortly after Noon ET after giving fans a tip to check his page at that time in an exclusive

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz on Cowboys Stadium

Mayweather vs Ortiz
It remains the most important fight that can be made in boxing today: Manny Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 KO’s) against Floyd Mayweather (41-0-0, 25 KO’s) Junior. Almost immediately after the disappointing but lopsided points win he’d scored over a reluctant “Sugar” Shane Mosley last night, Pound-for-Pound king Pac-Man was asked if he will fight “Money” next. As usual, the 32-year-old megastar uttered his “I’ll fight whoever Bob Arum puts in front of me,” Neither ruling out nor confirming a fight with the legally-troubled Mayweather.

Mayweather vs Ortiz?

Well I think this is the best fight possibly I've ever seen very much for 2011. Both showed amazing heart and guts and proves that when u get 2 young hungry talented guys at the top of their game you get incomparable sports viewing. This type of boxing beats the pants off any other sport in the world. On a side note. I noticed Mayweather n fiddy at the fight ringside. 2 things crossed my mind.

1) Mayweather has been linked to fighting berto before potentially, and also ortiz is an agressive fast southpaw...the perfect tune up for you know who. So I reckon he was on a bit of a scouting mission last night.

Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz Rumor

Mayweather vs Ortiz
According to an insider and Boxrec it appears that Victor Ortiz and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be squaring off on September 16th at a yet to be named location. If indeed this match comes to fruition it would revive Mayweather’s career at the very moment that the press and the fans are about to write off Mr. Money. This fight would be the most relevant welterweight Matchup since Margarito vs Cotto. According to an anonymous insider connected with Golden Boy Promotions

Mayweather Versus Ortiz Fight on September 17

Mayweather vs Ortiz
Undefeated Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (40-0-0) is scheduled to fight newly crowned World Boxing Council Welterweight champion Victor Ortiz (29-2-2) on September 17, at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas. No official press conference is called yet, as of this writing, by Golden Boy Promotions (GBP), who promotes the Mexican-American fighter, and the camp of Mayweather, Jr. whose promotional campaign spins under his own company, Mayweather Promotions, Inc.

GBP officials, who offered a few details on condition of anonymity, said they will divulge the specifics of the fight and will call for press conference shortly but have declined to confirm its certainty. Mayweather, Jr. last fought against Sugar Shane Mosley on May 1 of last year and earned a unanimous decision. He was reported to have entertained a plan to set up himself a match with an unknown opponent and have it staged in Africa. But, the same was aborted according to inside report.

As of this writing, it's unclear still if Mayweather, Jr. really wants to fight world's No. 1 boxer today, Manny Pacquiao. The defamation lawsuit filed by Pacquiao against Mayweather, Jr. on the issue of the latter's public declaration alleging the former of a potential use of performance enhancing drugs may have just deter both fighters in making the most anticipated fight between the two to happen in the near future.

Pacquiao, for his part, said he is contented about his successful boxing career saying "It's okay for me if he does not want to fight. I have accomplished enough. But, the boxing fans want that fight to happen."