Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mayweather will knockout Ortiz early

Many of us believes what Floyd Mayweather Jr. capable of doing in the ring. Floyd Mayweather is look real good. I’m thinking were going to see a knockout, early! Mayweather vs Ortiz will face each other on September 17, on MGM Grand. Mayweather isn’t known for being a puncher, but he’s sitting down on his shots more than he used to in the past, and with his speed, he’s capable of hitting Ortiz when he least suspects it and scoring a knockout. Ortiz’s chin isn’t that good, as he was knocked down twice by Marcos
Maidana and two times in his last fight against Andre Berto. Ortiz had to get up off the deck to win that fight, and succeeded in dropping Berto twice en route to winning by a 12 round decision in an exciting fight.

To me I love Mayweather style must be a genius to fight like he does and fear nothing, it takes courage and a lot of nerve to get fight with that style and that mental calm. Mayweather's style of art in motion and what should be boxing in general, to win in style without being damaged is worthy to be praised and others do not seem to have come from a slaughterhouse. Despite all the many comments for and against I think this fight could make history in boxing, is a pleasant news for the fan because for the first time in a while pitting two elite of world boxing in a fight in which agreement will not be used for intermediate weights (catchweight) but I think there is a rematch clause required by Floyd.

Floyd has admitted himself to be a tough fight and nothing is further from reality and that Ortiz is not the kind of champion made, has not got where he is fighting with bumps. Ortiz is a the most exciting fighters of the moment and showed the world that is among the great with his excellent display against Berto has taken him to the top in the "welterweight". Ortiz is very skilled, intelligent, strong, with KOs higher than Floyd himself, good chin and excellent movement.

Mayweather vs Ortiz