Friday, June 10, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz an exciting fight?

Ortiz is a young, exciting and marketable fighter who with the right backing could become a big star in his own right. His defeat of previously unbeaten Andre Berto boosted both his image and his fanbase. More fights in the same vein could make him a fan favorite, and possibly transform him from HBO mainstay into genuine pay per view attraction.

In pairing him with Mayweather however, Golden Boy know full well that the strong likelihood is that Ortiz will end up with
another loss on his record, as well as losing his newly won WBC welterweight world title.

While at just 24 that won't by any means be the end of the road, it will leave Ortiz without an obvious next direction to take.

Certainly Ortiz potentially has the tools to give Mayweather problems, he's ten years younger, a southpaw, he hits hard and can counter-punch.

Also as long as he continues his current pattern it is also only a matter of time before Mayweather's age and inactivity between fights catches up with him, regardless of how well he maintains himself. Of course Ortiz himself was no doubt all too eager to step into the ring against a future hall of famer like Mayweather, even if few give him much of a chance of winning.