Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz is on

I like the fight and either way this a guy who is hot right now, so certainly not a tune-up and a big opportunity for Vicious he was underestimated when picked for Berto and look what he did. Then after this if he wins Mayweather vs Pacquaio better happen I think he had this planned he just gained 15 Million more by letting it marinate and he gets his damn testing and if he loses he cant say a damn thing but however just to be clear not big on Mayweather or Pacquiao but I think Mayweater gets the UD. My opinion call
me a hater or whatever but just the way I see it going I think Pacquiao has to K.O Mayweather or drop him a couple of times to win it which is not out of the question.

With respect for Floyd Mayweather on this one. Despite Ortiz's shortcomings, he doesn't come in behind a good jab, and his footwork isn't the best, he is a legitimate, young, strong, fast, and finally dangerous welterweight. An actual welterweight! Of course Mayweather definitely has seen something in Ortiz that he knows he can exploit but still, the danger is still there. That's what happens when veteran champions seek to prove their greatness by challenging the young lions much like Hopkins does. Obviously, this move is in some way a method of beating back his detractors that call him 'gayweather' because frankly speaking Ortiz is the fighter that Pacquiao should be fighting. I’m excited about this fight, and hopefully if Mayweather wins not a foregone conclusion which is why this fight is intriguing the Pacquiao fight would be after, and if Mayweather doesn't win, Pacquiao would fight Ortiz. Keeping my fingers crossed.