Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz will be easy fight for Floyd

Mayweather vs Ortiz
Perhaps Floyd Mayweather jr. is smarter that what we initially thought he is. Mayweather not only announced on twitter that he will return to the ring, after a 16-month break, to fight Victor Ortiz, he will also earn guaranteed millions of dollars by just fighting in the gym. No this is not literal, I am referring to the fact that he will fight Victor Ortiz, a young fighter not ready to face Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Of course we know that Victor Ortiz, the recently crowned WBC Welterweight
Champion is a bigger and hungrier fighter. He is also a southpaw and packs a strong punch. He is also seen to have the resilience which was not present in him in his previous fights. However, Victor Ortiz is only a 24 year old kid. He will be devoured in the ring by the much experienced Floyd Mayweather. Ortiz could not penetrate the defensive shield that Mayweather is known to wield.

Obviously Victor Orltiz is an easy fight for Floyd Mayweather. But the latter will still train hard for him. This is the attitude that made Floyd Mayweather the undefeated champion that he is. Mayweather last fought Juan Manuel Marquez, the fighter that brought Manny Pacquiao to the edge of defeat. As expected Mayweather toyed with Marquez. Now this is the fighter who will face the younger Ortiz, so we can almost expect the result to be no brainer.