Monday, August 8, 2011

Dela Hoya has the key to beat Mayweather?

Oscar believes he has the key in defeating Floyd Mayweather mentioned recently on his twitter account that he will be sharing the secret with Ortiz. Victor Ortiz has the huge underdog as he face to face with Floyd Mayweather Jr. on September 17 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada and the latest odds have him pegged roughly as an 8-1 underdog. This fight dubbed as Star Power: Mayweather vs Ortiz. When De La Hoya’s challenge Mayweather during the first half of the fight saw Oscar have success with his jab and boxing ability as he looked to take an early lead.
But De La Hoya, who already 34 years old at the time, started to fade away because of not enough stamina and during the fight Mayweather began to land punches and take the victory.

Me and Castillo have been the closest in beating Mayweather. Believe me, I have the formula which I'm going to pass on to Victor,” De La Hoya stated.

The former lightweight champion Jose Luis Castillo, who pushed Mayweather to his limit in their April 2002 bout. Castillo would end up losing a unanimous decision on that night but had great moments of success throughout the fight as he bullied Mayweather and pushed the tempo of the fight, convincing many he had done enough to win simple. I think that is the key to beat Mayweather who has incredible defense is use Jab but do it with a slight distance like what Castillo did, in that way Floyd's shoulder roll wont work, it's a decoy that makes Floyd look as if he's bothered by his opponent's punches to draw them closer to him and then Floyd takes his shots by using his elbow to open the opponents' guard thus giving Floyd a better percentage of landed shots.