Monday, August 15, 2011

Mayweather's open workout

The undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. held an open workout at the Mayweather Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada, in preparation of his match against Victor Ortiz. The undefeated fighter, after a year of being silent looks perfect and in the right shape. On this regard, Mayweather personally invited British fans in and around Las Vegas to watch his training session. Mayweather said, he want to invite all of his English
fans in town to come to his gym this week and watch he work out for his upcoming fight with Victor Ortiz. I love my English fans." With this regard, he (Mayweather) further fueled the rumor about facing the current WBA light welterweight champion Amir Khan on the near future, who plans to move up to welterweight, possibly next year. Mayweather also described how much he loved his British fans and he would like to fight there again someday, after being given a warm welcome on his fight against Ricky Hatton last 2007. On the other hand, Roger Mayweather, Floyd's uncle and personal trainer hasn't been so positive about boxers who had such great potential like Amir Khan. He claimed, "the only reason why Amir Khan became the fighter he is, is because he's got those steroids in his ass too. For the moment, let's just see on how Victor Ortiz handle the dangerous Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is Ortiz's courage enough to defeat the former pound-for-pound king?Well, I guess let's just wait on the judgement day on September 17, 2011. Don't miss the Mayweather vs Ortiz match!