Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Victor Ortiz Huge Underdog vs Mayweather?

During the press tour conference Richard Schaefer believes that undefeated Floyd Mayweather will meet his match. In a much anticipated return to the ring Floyd Mayweather will face WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz dubbed as "Star Power" at the MGM Grand Garden Arana in Las Vegas. Victor Ortiz promise that he will knock Mayweather during the same press conference. But young champion like Ortiz is supposed to say that, even though Floyd is eight to one favorite to beat Victor according to
Las Vegas book makers. Not many other boxing analysts believe that Ortiz has a shot against Mayweather. Oscar Dela Hoya believes he has the key how to beat Mayweather and he will share it to Ortiz.

Money Mayweather doesn’t seem overly concerned about Victor Ortiz and his chances of upsetting the odds. “Forty one have tried,” said Mayweather, 34:” Forty one have failed. Now that we have forty second. He is going to bring excitement. He is not going to be easy, but I must thank you guys, because the media, a week before Pacquaio fights all you hear is Floyd Mayweather.”

It’s that kind of complete disregard that really bothered young Victor Ortiz during the promotional tour.” I am just kind of tired of hearing he is fighting Pacquiao next,” exclaimed Ortiz:” No, he is fighting me next, not Pacquiao, me, Victor Ortiz, also know as vicious”

Both Ortiz and Mayweather have agreed to be subjected to an Olympic style drug testing prior to and after the fight. With reports published that there are no more issues with drug testing between Pacquaio and Mayweather, Floyd ponders:” Now once again, you turn the tables. If I didn’t want to take the test; oh, man. Oh, Floyd Mayweather is hiding something. So, like I said before; it’s damned if I do and damned if I don’t.” The Mayweather vs Ortiz pay-per-view telecast, which begins at 9:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. PT, will be produced and distributed by HBO Pay-Per-View® and will be available to more than 92 million pay-per-view homes.