Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mayweather continue to mock Pacquiao's success

Mayweather vs Ortiz - The controversial fighter Floyd Mayweather continue to mock Manny Pacquiao success despite it facing defamation case. During the height of his training against Victor Ortiz. The suit alleges that Mayweather's repeatedly voiced suspicions over Pacquiao's use of performance enhancing drugs has damaged Pacquiao's image. According to Mayweather, he does not care regardless of the money in
negotiations with Pacquiao against their biggest fight. Mayweather insisted that Pacquiao should undergo drug testing. It also questioned why all of a sudden a guy at 25 years old becomes a great fighter?

"I do not care how much money is negotiated ... Look at how these guys end up punch-drunk in this sport. I'm sorry, but all of a sudden a guy at 25 becomes a great fighter? I want to be on a level playing field with this guy. We're fighting at the highest level, talking about the biggest fight ever. You Should have the greatest testing too. "

If you answered well remember Pacquiao Mayweather's allegations and agreed to demand drug tests only stop its mouth and spicy alibi to avoid the fight. Pacquiao's success before and after the age of 25 non-withstanding, Mayweather is well within his rights to demand extra testing should be believe it necessary, just as Pacquiao has the right to either agree or refuse.

Mayweather vs Ortiz